Artaste has grown out of our desire to bring beautiful, uniquely designed and practically functional kitchen instruments to the artists cooking in kitchens everywhere


It is our mission to make products based on beauty and function, not price and profit margins. Our goal is to bring the best untensils to the market so you can have tools that will last, perform and stand out.

Our story

Our parent company, New Star Foodservice, has spent the last few years providing the best commerical kitchenware to restaurants, hotels and bars all over America. They started noticing a trend, thanks to online marketplaces more and more home users were able to find and purchase their products. Equipping this new demographic taught New Star the needs of home and professional chefs working in smaller, more modern and personal kitchens. They learned about the quality, functions and tools chefs needed to be succesful. This is why Artaste was formed, to provide the exact products you need.